Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Publishing Lament

As you may have surmised, there have been problems. The publisher wanted to make some changes that I disagreed with, and there was a falling out. But then there was a reconciliation, and now we are tentatively trying to work together again. The result is that after four or more years of publishing various versions of this story here, and trying to get this book in print via a publisher in the UK, I still don't know what is going to happen with it. It may be that it will be published in the UK, and I will self publish it here in the U.S. Time will tell.

In the process, though, I came to realize that my earlier, first-person version was better than my most recent, third-person one. So I went back to the first-person version and fixed a few flaws. And now, I am publishing it here yet again. My plan is to post the first 10 chapters, starting today, and keep my fingers crossed that when I am finished, I will have a book available for purchase. Wish me luck!


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